Uspace4UAM consortium starts demonstration flights to test several UAM applications

Dronehub has started the test flights performing the safe integration of Urban Air Mobility in the European airspace as part of the SESAR very large demonstration research project Uspace4UAM.

The flights cover different use cases, including AED transport, aerial monitoring of the accident spot, and orthophotos/photogrammetry. The UAV used in the test flights is equipped with the Honeywell sensors, and the U-space service provider Altitude Angel.

Uspace4UAM is researching U-space operational concepts, regulation, and standards supported by a series of well defined, iterative and multi-national demonstrations, both with drones and UAM vehicles. These cover different use cases, including mixed operations, to allow the project to derive critical enablers for a wide set of UAM service applications that can be applied all over Europe.

The consortium is led by Honeywell and includes 13 participants.

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