uAvionix’s pingStation 3 enhances airspace situational awareness for unmanned airspace operations

Onboard navigation specialist uAvionix has upgraded its dual-frequency ADS-B receiver, pingStation 3 to enhance situational awareness. The pingStation 3 integrates 978 and 1090 MHz ADS-B receivers, GPS, antenna, and Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) interface into an easy-to-install, rugged weatherproof enclosure.  With a selection of non-proprietary and industry-standard data interfaces, such as JSON and ASTERIX CAT 021, pingStation 3 is designed to integrate into a multitude of end-user applications, including airport displays, UAS Ground Control Stations (GCS), Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Solutions, and Flight Information Displays (FID).

The pingStation 3 now supports ASTERIX CAT021, the industry-standard in Air Traffic Management (ATM) surveillance interfaces, used by display systems, surveillance radars, ADS-B receivers, and multilateration systems worldwide in addition to the previously supported JSON and Compressed VRS formats. This additional capability transforms pingStation 3 into a plug-and-play unit for a variety of ATM systems eliminating the need for translation software.

When paired with the VTU-20 airport vehicle ADS-B transmitter, pingStation 3 improves airport operations staff and ATC’s situational awareness and safety by reducing the risk of runway incursions.

In the UK, pingStation is designed to provide FID to Class G airports to improve situational awareness and reduce the risk of mid-air collisions.

The pingStation 3 is a core component of the Vantis UAS Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) network in North Dakota, where ADS-B reception is combined with Command and Control (C2) infrastructure. It also provides the foundational surveillance infrastructure for the New York UAS BVLOS Corridor between Syracuse and Rome, NY.

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