AME sets up new working group to streamline U-space processes and standards

The Alliance for New Mobility Europe (AME) has created a new Working Group on standardisation coordination to streamline processes and foster collaboration to speed the implementation of U-space ecosystems in Europe.

According to an organisation Linkedin post:

“U-space regulations have been established to manage drone traffic and integrate drones into European airspace safely. However, many EU member states have yet to fully implement these regulations, leading to significant challenges and inconsistencies. Key challenges (include):

  • Time for Approval: The approval process for drone operations in U-space can be lengthy and complex.
  • Standardisation: There is a lack of standardised procedures across different countries, causing confusion and inefficiency.
  • Access to U-space Airspace: Obtaining access to U-space airspace remains difficult in many regions, limiting the potential of drone technology.

Other AME initiatives in this area include the Working Group on U-space/UTM actively working towards unified solutions and the co-organising the Drone Implementation Forum at EASA – European Union Aviation Safety Agency premises on October 22-23.

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