Slovakian trials of military integrated ATM/UTM system include remote and network ID components

Slovakia’s Mám Dron association has published the latest results from the country’s integrated ATM/UTM military system trials.

According to the association:

“The technological partners of the Mám Dron association, the companies R-SYS and Dronetag , in cooperation with the Simulation Center of the Academy of the Armed Forces of General Milan Rastislav Štefánik , carried out a dynamic demonstration of the integrated ATM/UTM system at the end of 2023 during the event Ensuring the training of operators of unmanned aerial systems (BLS) in the environment OS SR .

“The IXO MIL system from R-SYS provided situational awareness in the area of ​​the training polygon and provided various types of dynamic and static data, including geographic zones, no-fly zones and information on target objects. At the same time, the system enabled the exercisers to be notified and non-verbal communication between the exercise leader and the exercisers via a chat tool. This solution is the functional equivalent of a UTM system (level U2), which meets the requirements given by the valid EC (EU) regulations for UTM/U-Space.

“Positional information and tracking of BLS that flew in the area of ​​the training polygon was carried out by two methods – DirectID directly via Bluetooth/WiFi ( Direct remote identification ) and RemoteID via LTE networks (Network identification). The transfer of positional data from BLS was ensured by Dronetag modules, fully integrated into the UTM solution of IXO MIL. This originally civilian UTM solution has been modified for use in various types and components of the armed forces or law enforcement components, allowing to display the positions of non-cooperative targets using various types of survey sensors and also to communicate with cUAS solutions through standard protocols.

“The result of the cooperation of the military (experimental) and civil sectors was a successful demonstration of current technological possibilities in the field of ATM/UTM integration and display of BLS location information in real time . The possibility of tracking and monitoring various unmanned aircraft systems in real time through a web and mobile application based on the principle of the functional equivalent of the UTM system and access to special software providing relevant data on aircraft was also presented.

“The data used and the tested IXO MIL application itself enabled the implementation of actions related not only to pre-flight preparation, but also to control and monitoring activities in the area of ​​responsibility, with deconfliction between the entities themselves in the airspace, as well as with a warning about a potential violation of a foreign area of ​​responsibility. The aim of the demonstration itself was to actively demonstrate in real time compliance with the required level of security in the form of deconfliction and interoperability through system coordination, which can increase the efficiency of task performance and compliance with national and international standards during training, but also when performing special tasks using BLS.”

According to project’s final conclusions:

“This demonstration showed how modified UTM systems can safely and effectively manage drone operations even in a demanding military environment, especially in a period when the pressure to integrate and ensure the joint functioning of military and civilian manned and unmanned operations in common airspace, especially in ground and very low altitudes will exert increasing pressure not only on the implementation of rules for UTM/U-Space, but also on the automation and mutual integration of new and existing solutions into a reliable and economically efficient technological ecosystem.”

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(Image: Mamdron)

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