ENAIRE outlines next stage in U-space platform development – plans to be a service provider

ENAIRE will publish drone flight areas and centralize all U-space information following the publication of Royal Decree 517/2024 approved on 4 June by the Council of Ministers, which designates ENAIRE as the entity responsible for making available, in a common digital format, information on the geographical areas for drones identified in sovereign Spanish territory and airspace. ENAIRE also plans to be certified as a U-space service provider.

“ENAIRE is already working to adapt ENAIRE Drones to this new regulation, and it will soon present a new version where users will be able to check the new UAS Geographical Areas (for drones) defined in the Royal Decree, and which replace the current areas with restrictions on drone flights,” said the company in a press release.

“The Royal Decree, which implements the legal system for the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and provides legal stability and security, assumes that ENAIRE, once certified, will be the exclusive provider of Common Information Services in all U-space airspace that falls under Spanish responsibility.

“With these services, which it will provide through its U-space digital platform, ENAIRE will play a crucial role as the provider of common information services, and relay operational data between conventional air traffic service providers and U-space service providers, the entities which are tasked with providing these digital services to drone operators. ENAIRE also plans to be certified as a U-space service provider. This will boost innovation and the adoption of U-space solutions in Spain, allowing for the more secure and efficient integration of drones into its airspace.

The U-space implementation is part of the National Action Plan for U-space Deployment (PANDU), and it is essential to reinforce the societal implementation of the future operation of delivery drones and air taxis to transport people.

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