uAvionix launches integrated ADS-B OUT, WAAS GPS, altitude sensor drone light

uAvionix (uAvionix) has announced the availability of its new tailBeacon EXP ADS-B solution for light sport manned and unmanned aircraft, and is expected to achieve TSO certification shortly.

According to the company:

“TailBeacon is the second in a family of Zero Install ADS-B OUT solutions from uAvionix. It combines ADS-B OUT, WAAS GPS, Barometric Pressure Altitude Sensor and LED tail position lights into a compact tail position light replacement unit. With two screws and two wires, installation is complete in minutes. TailBeacon is fully 14 CFR 91.227 “ADS-B mandate” compliant.

The certified device will consist of:

  • ADS-B (TSO C-154c, Class B1S)
  • WAAS GPS (TSO-C145d, Class Beta 1)
  • Barometric Pressure Altitude Sensor (TSO-C88b)
  • Tail Position Light (TSO-C30c, Type III)

“Broadcasting on the UAT/978MHz frequency, tailBeacon offers rule compliant operation up to FL180 within the U.S.”

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