RelmaTech “validates remote ID and tracking technology via 5G networks”

UAS/UAV and spatial management technology company RelmaTech has announced it has validated that its remote identity and tracking technology is compatible with 5G cellular networks.  Last month the company announced that it has successfully validated its Secure Integrated Airspace Management (SIAM) system is capable of delivering global coverage via leading satellite internet provider services.

According to a company press release:

“Our SIAM system has become the world’s foremost example of continuous global device identification, monitoring and tracking. Having successfully deployed SIAM on mobile 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE cellular networks, our recent announcement of global satellite internet capability was an important next step, and adding 5G coverage completes the picture,” says Philip Hall, RelmaTech’s Co-Founder and CEO, and President of RelmaTech Inc.  “The next logical phase for continuous service in leading markets was to support 5G for high performance solutions….Expanding our UAS/UAV identity and tracking service technology across 5G cellular networks positions us to offer enhanced services, such as real-time 4k and HD video in addition to sensor payload data direct into customer processing and display systems with minimum latency,” adds Hall. “Combining 5G cellular with satellite capabilities also positions us to provide our services with continuous network coverage and internet connectivity anywhere on the planet.”

The press release says RelmaTech specializes in deploying leading edge technology and advanced cloud services to provide live and historic identification and tracking of moving objects and delivering advanced solutions across multiple data applications. “Based on innovative compact, light-weight, low power electronic modules that readily install into all types of UAS/UAV, RelmaTech’s cloud-based SIAM system uniquely serves all operational needs for managing small or large fleets of UAS/UAV over national and continental areas. All UAS flown in the recent NASA UTM TCL4 flight trials in Reno, Nevada were fitted with a SIAM module that successfully provided continuous real-time UAS remote ID and tracking information simultaneously over the cellular network and by WiFi direct broadcast.”

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