Liteye and Citadel team to offer robust counter drone solution

Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) manufacturer Liteye Systems has partnered with Citadel Defense to enhance their counter drone solutions. Liteye Systems is known for its Anti UAS Defense System (AUDS) technology – a layered response designed to detect, track, identify and defeat malicious threats. Citadel’s Titan 3 technology applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to reliably detect, identify, track and defeat unauthorized drones operating across the Electromagnetic Spectrum. According to company press information, the combined system “provides an on-the-move 360-degree defensive capability, while multiple layers of detection, classification and positive identification provide unmatched situational awareness and protection. The combination of Electronic Attack options for the operator provides both a sophisticated machine learning high fidelity frequency defeat and a robust directional broad-band defeat to ensure protection from the most serious threats.”

(Image: Liteye)

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