Malaysia “plans drone registration fees – but just for commercial operators”

The MalayMail online reports that the Department of Civil Aviation Director-General Datuk Seri Azharuddin Abd Rahman has said any person in charge of a drone with a mass of not more than 20 kg might fly the aircraft without an approval from the DCA as long as “he is satisfied that the flight can safely be made”.

“Notwithstanding that, all UAV are not allowed to fly in Class A, B, C or G airspace and around an aerodrome unless otherwise authorised by the DCA,” the Director General was reported as saying. DCA is understood to be setting up an enforcement unit to act against unregistered drone flights. The unit is reportedly expected to start operations early next year and would be based at all 21 airports nationwide.

According to the article, the DCA is planning to tighten control on drone flights by making it compulsory for owners to register the devices and is proposing a one-time registration fee of RM800 and a renewal fee of RM500 for the following year.

“However, charges may apply on certain types of UAV or flying a UAV for the purpose of aerial work where the UAV is used to provide specialised services,” he said..


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