Droptec to expand market for Dropster counter-UAS hand gun

Droptec will be launching its counter-UAS Dropster net launcher – aimed at prisons, police and security forces – to the UK market at UK Security Expo in London, 29-30 November.

According to the company “The Dropster is a non-lethal counter-UAV system. Due to its high mobility and quick preparedness it is recommended for various tasks, such as personal and property protection. The red-dot sight combined with the high speed of the net also allows the operator to neutralize moving targets.

“The Dropster counter-UAV system uses gas pressure to shoot off a cut-resistant net onto civilian drones. At contact, the net entangles itself with the rotors of the aircraft and blocks its thrust. As a consequence, the target falls to the ground. It is also possible, to shoot the Dropster out of buildings and/or from rooftops.”

The Dropster system is in use by police services in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries.

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