Kongsberg provides Arctic UAV operator with BVLOS situational awareness

Kongsberg Geospatial and Arctic UAV, a provider of UAS in the Canadian Arctic, have announced that the Kongsberg Geospatial IRIS UAS situational awareness application has been adopted by Arctic UAV to enhance their Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) operations.

The Kongsberg Geospatial IRIS display technology enables multiple drones to be monitored simultaneously by a single operator and provides real-time calculation of aircraft separation and communications line-of-sight to enable BVLOS operations. IRIS will provide the flight range with real-time 2D and 3D visualization of airborne track and weather data, as well as geo-fencing capabilities.

Kongsberg Geospatial has also announced IRIS and the uAvionix ADS-B system have been integrated in the the Foremost UAS Test Range, who operate one of only two Transport Canada certified UAS test ranges in Canada. The airspace is particularly attractive for companies that wish to conduct BVLOS test flights. The test range provides 700 square nautical miles (2400 square kilometres) of airspace

(Image: Arctic UAV CEO Kirt Ejesiak is shown with one of the aircraft his company operates. The company wil be using IRIS UAS to provide visualization for BVLOS operations in the Arctic).

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