SaxaVord Spaceport granted range licence by UK Civil Aviation Authority

SaxaVord Spaceport has been granted a range control licence by the UK Civil Aviation Authority to enable the company to provide a number of safety critical services before and during launch.

The regulator’s latest licence for SaxaVord means it can issue warning notices to keep people out of hazardous areas, perform surveillance of those areas, and monitor the progress of rockets in flight. The announcement follows the granting of a spaceport licence by the Civil Aviation Authority to SaxaVord in December 2023.

A range licence is a legal requirement ahead of a space launch, but is not in itself permission to launch. This licence grants the broad approval to provide ‘range control services.’ Specifics will depend on the launch vehicle and will be outlined as part of relevant launch licences.

Work by the Civil Aviation Authority continues in assessing potential launch operators from SaxaVord.

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