Kittyhawk launches automated flight programme with unlimited waypoints

Commercial drone operations software company Kittyhawk,  at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas announced it is adding an automated flight programme to its Flight Deck platform.

“The new automation features allow operators to plan missions in the Kittyhawk mobile application and then execute the entire flight from takeoff to landing with unlimited waypoints,” says the company. “The app has incorporated safety features to ensure that operators are not able to initiate an automated flight to a place beyond the range of the radio and drone; like trying to launch a mission in California when you’re currently in New York. The Kittyhawk software uses the geolocation of the operator to show only flights that are possible to complete — avoiding potentially expensive and dangerous mistakes.”

Kittyhawk’s automated flight system is integrated with the recently released multi-channel secure live video and audio streaming feature so, for example, a law enforcement customer can set the drone to fly the perimeter of a scene and its entire team can securely access a video feed right from their mobile devices and give audio feedback to the operator in real time.

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