Department 13 and Raytheon “to develop joint counter-UAS capabilities”

Australia’s Department 13 (D13) has formed a new partnership with Raytheon to develop counter-UAS, according to press reports.

“D13 and Raytheon initially will seek opportunities for MESMER, D-13’s patented, low-power, non-jamming, non-line-of-sight, non-kinetic, counter-drone solution”, D13 was quoted as saying. “[We will] market and support existing counter-drone technologies and co-develop new capabilities.”

D13’s MESMER® Counter Drone System is a patented, low power, non-jamming, non-line of sight, non-kinetic drone mitigation solution which manipulate weaknesses in all digital radio protocols. “This allows MESMER® to put into effect sophisticated automated detection and mitigation strategies to stop, redirect, land or take control of drones across a range of national security and defence scenarios” says the company.

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