Intel advances obstacle avoidance, pilot assistance control software

At InterDrone 2017 Intel CEO Brian Krzanich unveiled Intel products to address critical steps of the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) workflow.

During his keynote, Krzanich presented Intel’s vision for accelerating the path from data to insights, as well as how drone innovation will enhance this process. Intel demonstrated new technologies to advance automation with obstacle avoidance and pilot assistance function powered by Intel RealSense technology, flight planning automation with Intel Mission Control software and automatic change detection with Intel Insight Platform. These technologies will enhance the abilities of Intel drone solutions for commercial applications.

Krzanich demonstrated Intel Mission Control software and the Intel Insight Platform. With the press of a button, Intel Mission Control software allowed Intel to fly the fully-automated mission, assisted by Intel indoor location technology for position. After the drone captured the data, Krzanich uploaded it to the Intel Insight cloud-based platform and demonstrated the feature of change detection. Once Krzanich generated the 2D model, he applied the change detection algorithm and the platform started a “tour,” much like a spell check function, that cycles through each of the changes detected in order, catching small anomalies. The advantage of this tool is that it allows inspectors to focus on just the areas reported where any change has occurred, which will save time and effort.

“With Intel Insight Platform, we look forward to working with customers to manage large complex data sets and help provide them with automated analytics and uncover new insights,” said Anil Nanduri, vice president of Intel’s New Technology Group and general manager of Intel’s UAV segment. “With the addition of Insight, Intel is leading the way in providing an end-to-end solution to our customer from drone platforms to data analytics.”

In addition to existing strategic engagements with companies such as Topcon, Airbus and Volocopter, Intel has expanded its ecosystem relationships to include DELAIR, Honeywell, Pix4D, Bentley, Cyberhawk, Aeroprotechnik and HUVRdata among many others, to bring these new platforms to the market.

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