EU funds new wave of Horizon 2020 urban air mobility research

The European Union’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) has selected 27 new projects under the Mobility for Growth, the Automated Road Transport, and the Green Vehicles calls, with urban drone traffic management and integration research projects featuring heavily.

“The successful projects will receive a total of EUR118 million,” according to INEA. “They are expected to demonstrate innovative solutions towards low-carbon and sustainable transport, as well as contribute significantly to safe and resilient transport systems, automated transport, and the development of electrified vehicles and of advanced technological capabilities in transport. More details about the funded projects will be announced after the grant agreements are signed.

“The projects are expected to be launched by the end of the year.”

“The calls deadline was 4 April. Altogether, 90 projects were evaluated (see table below).”

Topic Description Evaluated proposals Selected proposals Total awarded budget (in million)
LC-MG-1-3-2018 Harnessing and understanding the impacts of changes in urban mobility on policy making by city-led innovation for sustainable urban mobility 2 1 3
MG-2-3-2018 Airworthiness of mass-market drones 4 1 3
MG-2-4-2018 Coordinating national efforts in modernising transport infrastructure and provide innovative mobility services 1 1 1
MG-2-5-2018 Innovative technologies for improving aviation safety and certification in icing conditions 5 2 18.5
MG-4-1-2018 New regulatory frameworks to enable effective deployment of emerging technologies and business/operating models for all transport modes 13 1 2
MG-4-2-2018 Building Open Science platforms in transport research 2 2 3.5
MG-4-3-2018 Demographic change and participation of women in transport 11 2 7
MG-BG-01-2018 Unmanned and autonomous survey activities at sea 8 1 8
DT-ART-01-2018 Testing, validation and certification procedures for highly automated driving functions under various traffic scenarios based on pilot test data 4 1 6
DT-ART-02-2018 Support for networking activities and impact assessment for road automation 8 2 8
LC-GV-01-2018 Integrated, brand-independent architectures, components and systems for next generation electrified vehicles optimised for the infrastructure 17 9 43
LC-GV-02-2018 Virtual product development and production of all types of electrified vehicles and components 15 4 15


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