DronePort Rotterdam and ESA NAVISP developing “space, air, ground, sea traffic management system”

DronePort Rotterdam (an initiative by Port of Rotterdam and INSPIR8ION) is working to integrate Air Traffic Management (ATM), Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM), and Urban Planning and Development, and the European Space Agency’s Navigation Innovation and Support Program – ESA NAVISP.

NAVISP is a strategic program of the European Space Agency – ESA to support and develop the overall European Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) landscape. The aim is to create an environment that integrates the management of space, air, land, and water, effectively connecting multiple layers of movement and operations.

NAVISP’s aim to facilitate innovative propositions, including the development of new technologies to upgrade or replace current PNT technologies, parallels DronePort Rotterdam ambitions for an Air Mobility Hub. Whether it’s bridging several UTM-systems in one area or addressing Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Counter UAS) challenges in urban environments, we see potential in using NAVISP’s innovations to enhance DronePort Rotterdam systems.

In a world where satellite-based positioning, navigation and timing services are key enablers – underpinning everything from automated drones to precision farming to electricity grids and financial networks – NAVISP and DronePort aim to support novel ways of making these services more robust and reliable, and to facilitate the emergence of competitive European actors for the benefit of the European economy.

The initiative on developing innovative PNT systems will help integrate these advancements into our port, airport, and city operations. Through Element 2’s co-funded initiatives, DronePort Rotterdam sees opportunities in the global market. The intersection of DronePort Rotterdam initiatives and NAVISP’s objectives offers a path towards achieving Integrated Air Mobility.

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