NextGen Robotics receives DKK43.5m for further development of the lighthouse project

The Funen lighthouse project, NextGen Robotics, has just received DKK 43.5 million from the Danish Board of Business Development for the next step in the development of the lighthouse project, which will help strengthen growth and employment in Denmark and boost the Danish robot and drone development.

Weibel, that produces radars for detection, classification and tracking of flying drones, delivered the radar system that NextGen Drones – one of the legs of NextGen Robotics – has purchased for HCA Airport to establish Europe’s strongest test hub for advanced drone technology.

Weibel is now one of the companies that will benefit from the funds as some of the funds will go to the development of counter drone technologies, of which Weibel’s radars are part of. This will contribute to boosting the development of drone technology and support the operation of the fossil-free air traffic of the future, where manned and unmanned will be integrated in the air traffic in a safe way.

“Together with other tech companies as well as SDU and UAS Denmark, we will develop an advanced sensor solution for reliable and versatile monitoring of drones – something that is currently quite a challenge in the industry. From a larger perspective, the project will help accelerate the development of drone technology and support the operation of future fossil-free air traffic, where manned and unmanned flying units will be able to operate side by side in a safe way,” says Andreas Riposati, Business Development Analyst at Weibel.

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