Australian regulator introduces tougher rules for private drone operators

The Civil Aviation Authority of Australia (CASA) has announced new more stringent operating rules for non-commercial drone operators.

According to CASA:

“Today we announced new stronger and clearer rules for flying drones to help drone flyers operate with increased safety. The new rules will better protect people and aircraft from drones and have been developed in response to community concerns about drone safety and the rapid increase in the number of drone operators.

“They do not apply to all drone flyers. If you hold a remote pilot licence (RePL) and operate according to a remotely piloted aircraft operator certificate (ReOC) or have an authorisation from CASA, you will be exempt from the new measures. Model aircraft operating under CASA approvals are also exempt.”

These new interim measures also make it clear that operating drones near a public safety or emergency operations is not permitted.

CASA has also launched a new website called that explains key safety rules for recreational drone flyers.

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