VTT launches ‘air mobility as operator business’ project to advance social acceptance of drones

Finnish research institute VTT has launched the Air Mobility as Operator Business (AIMO) project, which aims to advance the commercial preconditions and social acceptability of the use of drones, leading to a sustainable, safe, competitive, and cost-effective operator business of drone fleets. The goal is to accelerate the scalable use of drones for various logistics and environmental observation and imaging opportunities both in the private and public sectors.

The project is financed jointly and co-created during the first half of 2024. The end-result is a deployment plan for the drone-enabled services that support both companies and consumers, opening new business opportunities, future jobs, and international growth for Finnish companies.

In addition to VTT, the project features seven cities: Espoon Kaupunki – Esbo stad – City of Espoo; Business Helsinki; Mikkelin Kehitysyhtio Miksei; Mikkeli Development Miksei; Business Oulo; City of Rovaniemi; Into Seinajoki Oy, Business Tampere; and the companies: Anarkky Labs; Eminus Industries; Fimlab Laboratoriot Oy; Fintaffic ANS, Flyk; Innoavia; Jotus Oy; Sitowise and Tuomi participate in the project.

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