Aerodyne and DroneDash agree to launch cross-border deliveries between Malaysia and Singapore

Drone services company Aerodyne and DroneDash Technologies have agreed to introduce cross-border drone delivery services between Malaysia and Singapore.

In a joint statement, the companies plan to leverage their respective drone capabilities to boost logistics efficiency across the two countries and advance the region’s delivery and supply chain capabilities. The companies will also work with regulatory bodies to secure necessary permits to pioneer shore-to-shore drone operations along the Malaysia-Singapore corridor.

The project plans to take advantage of latest navigation systems and satellite communications with expansive dual city 5G roaming,to ensure drones safely navigate through congested maritime and aerial paths.

The initiative will initially focus on establishing delivery routes to Johor Bahru and Iskandar Malaysia, strategically chosen for their proximity to Singapore. This phase is expected to be followed by expansion throughout Malaysia, with commercial operations anticipated to start in the third quarter of 2024.

The deployment of drones, capable of carrying up to 30 kilograms and achieving speeds of 150 km/h within a four-hour flight span, is intended to secure and efficient deliveries of urgent documents, high-value electronics, medical supplies, and perishable foods between Malaysia and Singapore.

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