US border with Mexico subject to “thousands of illegal drone incursions” – Washington Times

US Congress heard from a senior border patrol agent of “more than 10,000 illegal drone incursions from Mexico” in 2022 according to a report in The Washington Times.

“Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez, who oversees the Rio Grande Valley sector in southern Texas, said the cartels use the drones to keep tabs on where the Border Patrol is, so they can figure ways to sneak people and other contraband such as drugs through the gaps.

“She and John Modlin, chief patrol agent in the Tucson sector of Arizona, said the cartels are driving the chaos on the border, controlling the crossings and forcing the Border Patrol to react to the smugglers’ tactics. “In Tucson sector, everything south of the border is controlled by the cartels,” Chief Modlin told the House Oversight and Accountability Committee.

“He said the cartels have figured out new ways to keep agents distracted,” said the report.

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