FAA approves Drone Defence Services’ Aeroping RemoteID module

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved the drone RemoteID module AeroPing developed by Drone Defence Services. AeroPing is a small and lightweight RemoteID transponder, providing all drone pilots the ability to present their drone’s location and flight purpose, in real-time. According to Drone Defence, the AeroPing RemoteID module is the first of its kind in the UK, to have obtained FAA approval.

The FAA put AeroPing through a rigorous application and testing process, with the RemoteID Declaration of Compliance being awarded at the end of 2022, says the company. Richard Gill, CEO and Founder of Drone Defence, said: “We’re incredibly pleased that our AeroPing module is the first in the UK to have been approved by the FAA.” He continued: “The FAA approval demonstrates the module’s efficiency and capability of communicating a drone’s location and flight purpose.”

AeroPing is designed to be straightforward and easy to set up, with a real-time data feed into AeroTracker or any other DRI receiver app of choice.

There is an increased need for a real-time drone transponder, to increase airspace safety and enable a future where drones can share the skies with each other and un-manned aviation. Recognising this need, the UK Science and Technology committee recently recommended that all drones, including existing ones, should be electronically conspicuous within two years.

Draft legislation has already been produced to make it law for drones to have a transponder.

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