Urban-Air Port announces partnership with Hyundai, “65 UAM infrastructure hubs planned worldwide”

By Chris Stonor

UK start-up Urban-Air Port has announced plans with the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Division of Hyundai Motor Group, to develop 65 urban-air ports worldwide to meet the growing demand for drones and eVTOL passenger vehicles, reports a press release.

The partnership aims to establish a global network of urban-air ports and provide the essential infrastructure to unlock UAM worldwide. This partnership forms a key part of Urban-Air Port’s plan to build 200 sites globally during the next five years.

Ricky Sandhu, Founder and Executive Chairman of Urban-Air Port, commented, “The sector is soaring and we know that a future with electric flying vehicles and drones in cities is going to be a reality soon. But it can’t happen if we don’t have the infrastructure on the ground and in the air to make it happen.”

The release says, “However, the lack of infrastructure to support these vehicles is a major block on market growth, with experts at NASA saying infrastructure constraints will create a significant barrier to urban air mobility in the near term. Despite this, only 3 percentof the investment so far this year (USD150m) is in the

Pamela Cohn, Chief Operating Officer and U.S. General Manager for the Urban Air Mobility Division of Hyundai Motor Group, said, “Urban Air Mobility will be integral to how we get from A to B this century. Hyundai Motor Group has a bold vision for future mobility and is committed to making the human and technological investments needed to usher in a new era of transport.”

Hyundai Motor Group will work with Urban-Air Port to develop 65 sites in key locations across the US, UK, EU and Asia Pacific. The release explains, “The partnership represents a statement of confidence in the ability of the UK-based company to unlock the global market before 2030 and is an integral part of Hyundai Motor Group’s vision to provide smart mobility solutions for the changing world.”

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