US Army seeks C-UAS concepts for “challenging dense urban environments”

The US Army has issued a “Defense-in-Depth Experiment (DiDEX) 3 Request for Information (RFI)” to industry, academia, individuals, and laboratories to submit technology white papers addressing innovative technologies and capabilities that can be used in challenging dense urban environments.

The TSOA DiDEX 3 event is executed to improve operational security, force protection, and survivability. The TSOA team identifies potential vulnerabilities in emerging technologies including performance degradation in contested environments, interoperability, adaptability, and training/ease of use through live experiment venues.

“The TSOA DiDEX 3 will focus on challenges presented by

(1) detecting, tracking and defeating sUAS in a dense urban environment and

(2) integrating counter-UAS (c-UAS) systems into a single common operating picture (COP).

After reviewing the technology submissions, the Government may invite select candidates to participate in a TSOA field experiment/assessment venue in which we evaluate the capability as applied to the Warfighter, its technical limitations and vulnerabilities through an enemy perspective.

TSOA DiDEX 3 will be conducted 6- 10 December 2021 in Austin, TX

Tender number: TSOA-DIDEX3

Deadline: October 1, 2021

Responsible organisation: US Department of the Army

(Image: US Army)

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