UK defence ministry deploys Drone Dome at G7 summit

By Arie Egozi

The UK’s Ministry of Defence employed Rafael’s Drone Dome counter-UAV system to protect world leaders during the recent G7 Summit in Cornwall, UK. Three years ago, the UK’s defence ministry purchased several Drone Systems systems which it has successfully employed in a multitude of operational scenarios, including for protecting both the physical site and participants of this year’s G7 summit.

Drone Dome offers a modular, robust infrastructure comprised of electronic jammers and sensors and unique artificial intelligence algorithms to effectively secure threatened air space, according to the company. Its advanced technology allows it to effectively address drone and UAV threats through detection, identification, and neutralization. When Drome Dome identifies a threat, it allocates the target to the laser, locks onto the target, tracks it, and carries out either a soft or hard-kill with integrated laser technology. This laser system operates reliably in any weather condition, and results in minimal environmental damage.

Additionally, DRONE DOME’s artificial intelligence capabilities, along with the advanced laser and sensor systems, provide a more precise picture of the incoming threat. This additional information allows the system both to detect and identify specific threat elements more accurately and engage and neutralize the target faster and more efficiently.




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