Ukrainian C-UAS systems “have shot down 55 Russian drones” – Tim de Zitter report

An independent and personally-developed report by defence analyst Tim De Zitter (Lifecycle manager Land Combat Missiles, GBAD and CUAS and GMG systems within the Belgian Armed Forces), shared on Linkedin suggests that Ukraine is winning both the UAS and counter-UAS (C-UAS) battle, with 55 Russian drones destroyed and 48 captured, against 27 Ukrainian drones destroyed and four captured.

The report lists individual drone types, their roles and their losses from both sides, using information in the public domain.

Of particular note is the performance of the Bayraktar TB2s in Ukrainian service. Russian C-UAS systems have shot down 13 TB2s but not before TB2s have destroyed 10 Tor, Buk and Pantsir air defence systems, two KA-52, two fuel trains and multiple armoured vehicles, artillery units and other vehicles.

“Ukrainian drones can drop some kind of ammunition, and then they just fly in again empty and this is an incredible stress for people. People get tired morally, they have phobias. It’s exhausting,” according to a quote from an unnamed Russian soldier.

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