UK conference to discuss next steps for drone regulation and use in the UK, 31 January 2023

The Westminster Business Forum is hosting a conference on 31 January 2023 to bring together stakeholders and policy makers to discuss the future of remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) regulation and commercial use in the UK. The event comes as the CAA updates the Airspace Modernisation Strategy, and Ofcom consults on spectrum management for unmanned aircraft systems – with further studies being conducted by UKRI and the Law Commission.

Delegates will discuss the priorities for the safe and effective integration of unmanned and remotely piloted aircraft systems into UK airspace, and what is needed from regulators and users to enable routine operations beyond visual line of site (BVLOS). They will also examine emerging RPAS applications in key industries, the integration of drones into existing practices and business models, and the priorities for building business cases and attracting investment.

Sessions will explore:

  • management of the safety and security risks of increased drone use, including emergency services response
  • opportunity for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of public services and projects through the inclusion of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) technology
  • integrating RPAS into wider policy goals and realising their potential contribution to national efforts on sustainability and net-zero

Keynote speakers include: Stuart Lindsay, Head, Airspace Modernisation, Civil Aviation Authority; Kevin Woolsey, Co-Head, General Aviation and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, Civil Aviation Authority; Councillor Keith Artus, Chairman, Strategic Aviation Special Interest Group (SASIG); Helen Hearn, Director, Spectrum Policy, Ofcom; Dr Ruth Mallors-Ray, Director, RMR Consultants; John McKenna, CEO,; Nicholas Paines KC, Commissioner for Public Law, Law Commission; Andrew Sage, Director, Safety Transformation, National Air Traffic Services; and Fiona Smith, Group Head of Aerodrome Strategy, AGS Airports.

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