Texan fire department uses Avision UTM platform to manage drone operations

Corpus Christi Police and Fire Departments are using Avision UTM platform to manage their drone operations in a first of its kind effort between state, county and city agencies to provide Texans safer skies and next generation disaster response services. The activities are supported by Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi’s Lone Star UAS Center of Excellence & Innovation (LSUASC).

In 2019, Avision joined efforts with LSUASC, NASA, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to demonstrate and validate key airspace services needed to recognize and integrate drones safely into the national airspace.

Avision UTM platform provides LSUASC with drone mission planning, airspace management, and flight execution services. LSUASC extends Avision’s reach by fostering partnerships via research work, live flight demonstrations, data validation, and coordinating with key agencies.

Avision’s Emergency Response Dashboard provides real-time situational awareness to state, county, and city disaster coordinators. Avision’s SAAS-based platform offers insights on where resources are deployed and how close to the emergency those resources can and should be positioned.

As a part of this effort, Corpus Christi Police and Fire Departments are using Avision’s Flight Intelligence™ with their drones to coordinate resources and stream live video from a disaster, giving agencies involved direct access to resource information.

“When we look at the outcome of these efforts – with upstream and downstream agencies working together and more importantly sharing critical information in real-time – that is the real value of the solution our company provides,” said Avision’s Stas Mozolyuk.

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