Demand/capacity balancing in urban areas – new DACUS Conops report published

The European SESAR demand and capacity balancing research project DACUS has published a final report that outlines the concept of operations (ConOps) for the DACUS solution to managing demand and capacity within U-space. The report incorporates results of experiments such as simulated social impact hotspots in Toulouse.

The DACUS D1.2 final optimised drone demand and capacity balancing (DCB) report describes the ConOPs for demand and capacity balancing for drones within an urban environment. This process is supported by an extensive literature study and background information on the operational environment in which it takes place. Given the novel nature of drone operations in a civilian setting, several parallels of the proposed solution and the existing air traffic management environment are provided. Finally, the document serves as guidance material for the DACUS project and the implementation thereof within U-space.

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