AUSA 2022: Dedrone launches low collateral counter-drone jammer for urban environments

Dedrone has launched its next-generation handheld mitigation system, DedroneDefender. The counter drone system joins Dedrone’s existing end-to-end counter-drone solution to deliver a connected gun for targeted precision Radio Frequency (RF) jamming. Given its small, lightweight form factor and ease of use, DedroneDefender offers counter-drone mitigation solution for civilian, state and local law enforcement in urban environments.

Dedrone’s DroneDefender solution, for military environments, has already sold more than 700 jammers to allied forces worldwide. Both DroneDefender and DedroneDefender break communication links between pilots and unauthorized drones, making them effective against drone swarms as well as singular drones. DedroneDefender can be operated in traditional handheld mode supported by a phone-based app for targeting. By Q1 2023, it will also be available mounted on a pan-tilt-positioner for automated targeting as directed by DedroneTracker software, resulting in an autonomous Pan-Tilt-Jammer (PTJ) solution.

DroneDefender and DedroneDefender can work within the broader Dedrone suite of solutions or with third-party command and control. This includes the DedroneTracker command and control platform, which detects, tracks, identifies (DTI) and continuously prioritizes drone threats through autonomous background interrogation of possible targets, without the need to first locate them with the naked eye hundreds of meters away against the sky or cluttered backgrounds.

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