AUSA 2022: L3 Harris Technologies shows VAMPIRE C-UAS on its way to Ukraine

L3Harris Technologies is demonstrating at AUSA 2022 the counter-UAS system (C-UAS) which the US Department of Defense announced would be part of a security assistance package under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) in August 2022.  The  company’s Vehicle-Agnostic Modular Palletized ISR Rocket Equipment (VAMPIRE) is a portable kit that can be installed on most vehicles with a cargo bed for launching of the advanced precision kill weapons system (APKWS) or other laser-guided munitions.

According to a company statement the VAMPIRE prototype was developed through internal research and development with input from various customers and launched at the 2022 Special Operators Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) alongside the company’s Sky Warden ISR and Strike aircraft.

“L3Harris’ VAMPIRE provides ground forces the ability to engage ground and air targets beyond the range of weapons normally carried by special operations and light forces. It is modular, portable, can be mounted in-field and provides significant air coverage and defense while allowing an operator to hide, move and fire in quick succession,” said the statement. “The portable kit that can be installed on most vehicles with a cargo bed for launching advanced precision kill weapons systems (APKWS) or other laser-guided munitions.

“The VAMPIRE system can be configured with different sensors and weapons packages depending on mission need. It includes a target designator kit and APKWS launcher to track, laser designate and engage targets. An L3Harris proximity fuze maximizes blast effectiveness of munitions. It is also vehicle-agnostic, meaning it can be mounted on virtually any type of standard pickup truck, commercial or tactical vehicle by two people, in two hours, using common tools for long-range defense against air and ground attacks.”

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