SUGUS research demonstrates successful integration of live drone operations in a UTM environment

The European research project Solution for E-GNSS U-space Service (SUGUS) has demonstrated successful integration of live drone operations in an Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) environment.

U-space service provider Unifly reports successful integration of its UTM platform with the E-GNSS API from GMV in a demonstration carried out at the ATLAS Test Centre in Spain. Unifly’s UTM platform was used for flight operations planning. When validating the the operation, the UTM platform calls the E-GNSS API that returns the predicted E-GNSS performances (eg accuracy) in a selected time period and region. If the E-GNSS performances are below the minimum required, these are shown on the UTM platform as no-drone-zones. The operator can adapt the flight plan to meet the requirements.

The ATLAS Test Centre hosted three days of demonstrations as part of SUGUS research. Participants tested under real conditions the new performance forecast and monitoring service delivered directly to the operators over an innovative GNSS API. Fully integrated with the Unifly solution for operations management, the service demonstrated added value in a wide range of challenging use cases such as COVID-19 vaccine delivery, precision agriculture and building inspection.

The ATLAS centre is also collecting EGNOS and Galileo data to demonstrate how European GNSS superior performance can take U-Space safety and security to the next level.

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