Asio Technologies launches “jam-proof optical drone navigation system”

Israel’s Asio Technologies, an experienced contractor in navigation systems and related technologies for the defence sector, has launched NavGuard, a self-contained, real-time optical navigation system that allows for GNSS-free navigation based on an on-board geo infrastructure.

According to the company:

“This camera-based visual situation awareness can be used from take-off to landing. NavGuard turns off-the-shelf camera into a sensor that almost any drone can use to navigate as a replacement to GPS/GNSS.  In a recent field test, Blue White Robotics successfully completed sUAS flight trials while under GPS satellite interference and jamming using Asio’s NavGuard.  This test was sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Transportation, Israel Innovation Authority and Civil Aviation Authority.

“The user-friendly, self-contained qualities of NavGuard’s architecture are an easy fit as this application moves into civilian arenas. For commercial delivery services, consumer, or local-government applications, NavGuard’s benefits are designed to allow it to operate almost anywhere.

The benefits of the NavGuard platform are reported to include:

  • Low weight
  • Low power requirements
  • Low latency
  • High accuracy with no drift
  • Fully resistant to jamming, interruptions and interference
  • Easy interface and simple mechanical systems
  • Integrated onboard architecture – computing module, GIS infrastructure and cameras under a single, protective housing, small enough to fit on medium-to-large sized drones, and it’s easily compatible with a simple mechanical interface.

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