German transport ministry invests 15 million euros in urban air mobility projects

Germany’s Federal Minister for Digital Affairs and Transport, Dr Volker Wissing, has issued certificates for a total funding volume of 4.3 million euros for seven innovative drone projects. The AMI-FlyingIN2Air project featuring Munich Airport is one of the beneficiaries. AMI-FlyingIN2Air is part of the Air Mobility Initiative (AMI) funded by the Free State of Bavaria and the Federal Republic of Germany, which aims to promote the development of electric air transport.

The government grants are made within the framework of the “Innovative Air Mobility” funding guideline, for which the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMDV) will provide a total of 15 million euros until 2023.

The AMIFlyingIN2Air project deals with the holistic development of an Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) airport of the future – an airport that is also designed for the traffic of drones and air taxis. On the basis of a digital twin, such an AAM airspace (U-Space) is to be developed using the example of Ingolstadt/Manching and guided to approval maturity. In this way, technical applications, design and acceptance criteria can be tested even before physical implementation. To integrate AAM into the intermodal travel chain, the pilot of a Mobility-as-a-Service platform is being developed with information on flights, booking and time savings compared to other modes of transport. The results will be made available to potential interested parties as recommendations for the implementation of an AAM airport as well as a guideline for the integration of all necessary technologies and processes.

In addition to Munich Airport and its subsidiary amd.sigma – strategic airport development, AMI-FlyingIN2Air project partners include the Airbus subsidiary Airbus Urban Mobility (Airbus Helicopters), Regionalverkehr Oberbayern, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt and Stadt Ingolstadt. The project funding amounts to around 2.1 million euros.

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