Machine vision detect and avoid algorithm introduced by KrattWorks, Agmis partnership

A cooperation between KrattWorks and Lithuanian digital technology company Agmis is behind a new machine vision algorithm for drones. The detect and avoid algorithm is designed to run on a machine vision module mounted on-board the drone and thus enables the drone to detect and geolocate objects without any human intervention.

Real-time on-board autonomous object detection is one of the core principles behind how the technology is designed to work.

Krattworks builds drones with on-board machine vision and GSM connectivity. The technology is designed to automatically detect humans, cars, hazards, fire and share this information instantly with the control room using mobile networks.

Agmis CEO Saulius Kaukenas said: “As the experts in road and powerline monitoring analysis, we have a lot of partners in this field, so our interest in KrattWorks came naturally. When we first met them, we saw an ambitious, hard-working team with audacious goals, and liked their attitude toward the work. We truly believe in KrattWorks’ success and we want to be a part of this success story“

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