CORUS-XUAM demonstration and open day 7 October 2022, Norrköping Airport

The European CORUS-XUAM very large-scale demonstration project is to hold a demonstration day on 7 October 2022 at Norrköping Airport. The day commences with perspectives from industry and research groups on the topics: National Overview, Cybersecurity, Visual/Noise Pollution, Vertiport Availability for The Industry and needed Infrastructure. It will feature demonstrations by Katla Drone and Astra UTM.

CORUS-XUAM is demonstrating how U-space services and solutions could support integrated Urban Air Mobility (UAM) flight operations. The activities started with updating the U-space Concept of Operations to address the integration of UAM/UAS operations into the airspace, and identifying new U3/U4 services. This was followed by the preparation and execution of six challenging demonstration campaigns in Belgium, France, Germany/UK, Italy, Spain, and Sweden.

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