DGAC Indonesia evaluating drone delivery test flight, planning registration system

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in Indonesia is evaluating the results of a trial delivery drone flight, according to a paper presented by the DGAC at the third Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Unmanned Aircraft Systems Task Force (APUAS/TF/3) held in Bangkok, Thailand, earlier this year.

Commercial drone flights in Indonesia are seeing slow by steady increases in operations (see image above) and dominated by survey operations:

  • survey/photo flight of plantation land – 50%
  • documentary films – 25%
  • survey/photo flight infrastructure – 20%
  • flight test/research – 5%

The DGAC presented its oversight mechanism at the event.

“The UAS particularly sUAS in Indonesia shall not operate in prohibited area, restricted area, Aerodrome OLS, controlled airspace and uncontrolled airspace more than 150m (500 ft) AGL, unless approved by DGCA. The approval process normally takes 14 days (maximum) after the requirement is completed by the applicant or operator. For the intended purposes in prohibited or restricted area, the applicant shall get the permission from the authority under Ministry of Defense.

“To comply with the administration requirements, the applicant shall attach the insurance document in order to guarantee the operation include for the third-party losses caused by the failures of maintaining UA system. The applicant shall conduct an intensive coordination with the air navigation service provider prior to the operations concerning the needs of NOTAM publication.

“In order to increase security aspect, DGCA has proposed update regulation that UA above 250 gr shall be registered.”

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