Auterion, NTT e-Drone partner to advance autonomous drone humanitarian missions in Japan

Auterion – a Swiss company providing enterprise and government clients with an ecosystem of software-defined drones, payloads, and third-party applications within a platform based on open-source standards – has announced a strategic alliance with Japan’s NTT e-Drone Technology to accelerate drone use that helps tackle major social problems.

The agreement will lead to the development of advanced drone missions in fields such as agriculture, inspection, surveying and disaster countermeasures with 5G support, remote control and autonomous navigation function, say the companies.

Lorenz Meier, co-founder and CEO of Auterion said: “Through our strategic alliance with NTT e-Drone, various Japanese companies and regional governments, especially those concerned with national security, can easily access Auterion’s ecosystem of the world’s most advanced open source platforms for drones. By combining that ecosystem with the 5G, AI, and edge cloud ICT services promoted by the NTT Group, we will be able to provide customers with new value and integrated capabilities never before seen on the market.”

NTT e-Drone will deploy Vector made by Quantum Systems and Vesper made by Vantage Robotics equipped with Auterion’s technology in Japan. In the future, Auterion will also handle next-generation drones similarly equipped with Auterion software, which are being developed by NTT e-Drone.

Hiroshi Tanabe, President of NTT e-Drone Technology, said, “The partnership with Auterion is indispensable to our mission of ‘realizing the social implementation of drones that contribute to solving social issues.’ We also expect to access markets other than Japan’s and work with Auterion to realize next-generation drones that place the highest priority on drone safety and reliability.”

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Auterion and NTT e-Drone Technology announce strategic alliance

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