Australian regulator promotes digital airspace authorisation trial and reports over 100 authorisation requests

Australian regulator CASA and Airservices Australia are trialling digital airspace authorisations for remotely piloted aircraft operator’s certificate (ReOC) holders to fly within 5.5 KM (3 NM) of a controlled airport. The trial provides instant approval via a participating CASA-verified drone safety app for chief remote pilots seeking approval to fly within 5.5 km of a controlled airport.

The trial is being carried out in Canberra, Perth and Adelaide and runs until October 2021.

To promote the automated airspace authorisations trial, CASA recently teamed up with local Canberra and Adelaide drone operators to film a new promotional video. The operators are Missing Bits, a Canberra video production company and Airworks an Adelaide aerial surveillance company. Both operators have been using the instant approval process.

The automated process reduces approval times from weeks to minutes, allowing commercial operators to secure more business faster and at a reduced cost.

Since the six-month trial began in May this year, 131 digital authorisation requests from commercial drone operators seeking permission to fly in restricted airspace have been received.​​​​​​​

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