AnsuR and UAV Navigate join forces to enable high definition video streaming using satellite communications

Communications company AnsuR Technologies has partnered with UAV Navigation to enable video streaming in high definition (HD) from small Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) carrying a 200kbps satellite communications terminal, says a joint press release.

AnsuR’s ASMIRA software solution provides the ability to optimize sending video and images via satellite communications. When combined with the Cobham AVIATOR UAV 200 and the antenna pointing solution POLAR-300 provided by UAV Navigation, the technology can deliver high quality video transmission for small satellite platforms.

Integrated into the platform’s onboard network, UAV Navigation’s POLAR AHRS delivers the altitude and steering information for the platform so the Cobham device may establish contact with the satellite. The small POLAR AHRS features sensors to control the device by relaying precise information to the servos in a gimbal or an antenna. Once a stable satellite link is established, AnsuR’s ASMIRA software delivers HD quality video at rates down to 100 kbps and can support SD quality below 50kbps.

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