US and Israeli defence department partnership selects virtual reality sUAS platform Skylord Xtend

The US Department of Defense (DoD), in partnership with Israel’s Ministry of Defense, has selected the Skylord Xtender small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) system from Israeli manufacturer XTEND. Dubbed ‘Ghost’, the UAS delivers multiple, tactical sUAS platforms to assist U.S. Special Operation Forces units engaged in combat operations.

According to the XTEND press release, the Skylord Xtender system is operated with a controller and virtual reality goggles and provides a new way to fly as well as full sensory awareness and heightened interaction in remote environments via 3D VR video, indoor/outdoor 3D navigation, gesture control, and artificial intelligence.

The SKYLORD XTENDER platform allows an operator with minimal flight experience to perform specific remote tasks in complex environments, says XTEND. Built to perform under challenging tactical conditions, Skylord Xtender is designed to operate in GPS denied locations to provide tactical advantages.

“Hyper enabling drones are the future of engagement for dangerous situations worldwide. The IDF has recognized XTEND’s family of products called Skylord as one of the most effective technologies for urban warfare missions, specifically indoor and close-quarters combat,” said XTEND Co-founder and CEO Aviv Shapira. “The Skylord Xtender is one of our most advanced drone platforms and harnessing it under the GHOST initiative will help the US DoD save lives and ensure mission success in any combat scenario.”

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