Altitude Angel launches UTM platform to help regional airports manage drone operations

Altitude Angel has launched a new airspace management platform for regional and local airfields. The company’s GuardianUTM Enterprise provides a combined view of the airspace in the vicinity of airports and offers a ‘one-stop’ solution to enable the airport to start designing and providing UTM Services for drone companies and drone operators, using Altitude Angel’s digital authorisation and flight management technology, says the company press release.

Anticipating the EASA U-Space Regulations which are expected to become law from 1 January 2023, GuardianUTM Enterprise is designed to enable airspace authorities to digitise approvals for drone operations using services integrated with CIS (Common Information Service) and USSP (U-Space Service Providers) architectures.

Using GuardianUTM Enterprise, airports can set access policies and create automation workflows which are accessible via Altitude Angel’s UTM ecosystem.  This provides a view of the sky and nearby drone operations. For larger airports with counter-UAS solutions, data from on-site surveillance systems can be optionally integrated to give airport security staff greater situation intelligence. The solution provides a flexible platform for enabling drones to be safely integrated in the airspace around these facilities, according to Altitude Angel.

Key features of GuardianUTM Enterprise include:

  • Digitalisation of pre-flight and take-off approvals to drone operators within airspace.
  • Offers high levels of automation, including customised automated access policies and approval workflows of unmanned operations.
  • Supports UTM Service Discovery via Altitude Angel’s developer platform – a capability which allows 3rdparty vendors to create integrated services which can locate and submit access requests in a standardised format, globally.
  • Integrates with existing surveillance infrastructure to improve aerial monitoring of all airspace users within the airport’s vicinity, adding intelligence to existing counter-UAS solutions.

Simon Wynn Mackenzie, Altitude Angel, VP Products said: “We’re excited to be making the solution generally available, giving airports and airfields across the globe the chance to have an even fuller picture of the airspace they manage and an option to welcome safely integrated drone traffic into their operations. When designing the solution, we analysed common ‘pain points’ of airports and ensured they were addressed. We wanted to ensure we created something airports and airfields needed to support them in integrating and scaling unmanned operations safely; something which can grow with their operational needs both now and well into the future.

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