Airspace Link joins City of Ontario to establish digital drone highway

Airspace Link, Inc., a North American provider of state and local government drone flight authorization and management solutions, has announced a partnership with the City of Ontario, California to launch a digital drone infrastructure. Ontario is the first city in California to use Airspace Link’s AirHub platform called, a GIS-based digital mapping system to determine the safest, most efficient route for a drone to take on the way to pick up and deliver items.

According to Airspace Link, the initiative aims to unlock new advanced, autonomous drone solutions to enhance both public safety and business operations, such as package delivery and emergency first responder operations. The digital infrastructure establishes compliant and safer drone flights in the community, as well as safety benefits critical to help pave the way for future UPS, Amazon and Alphabet’s Wing Drone deliveries that will drive future economic growth throughout California.

Airspace Link co-founder Ana Healander says the growth of recreational flight and commercial drone traffic is increasing rapidly, and Ontario is leading the state of California when it comes to embracing the drone industry. One study by Brad College shows California already has roughly 55.6 drone pilots per 100,000 residents.

“We are pleased to see the leadership in Ontario ensure their community has the right safety procedures in place and is ready to support advanced commercial drone operations, like package delivery,” said Healander. “Our mission is to mitigate risk by working with communities to foster safer drone operations, and our solution is the first of its kind to manage policies and regulations at the federal, state and local level.”

With safety in mind, Airspace Link, the City of Ontario and Ontario International Airport are also collaborating with the Federal Aviation Administration to open up more airspace to support drone flights through the use of Airspace Link’s technology.

“Now that we are using AirHub for Government, our commercial and recreational pilots will have better situational awareness and have a clear understanding about where it is authorized to fly a drone based on the local advisories set forth by the city,” said Jimmy Chang, Broadband Operations Director-City of Ontario. “Our entire community is safer as a result.”

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