AirShare integrated with AVCRM to streamline compliance process for drone pilots

AirShare, the unmanned aircraft traffic management (UTM) system and New Zealand’s drone user hub, has integrated with aviation software organisation AVCRM to support a more streamlined compliance process for pilots.

According to an AirShare press release:

“AVCRM provides aviation compliance and risk management software solutions in Australia and New Zealand, and is using AirShare’s public flight request and authorisation APIs to provide access to AirShare for its customers – supporting a more streamlined experience for pilots when fulfilling their compliance and risk management obligations.”

Sharon Cooke, CEO of Airways International Ltd which has developed AirShare, says AVCRM is the second organisation to integrate with AirShare via APIs, as AirShare continues its commitment to developing a UTM ecosystem for safe and effective UA management.

“AirShare has been built as an ecosystem-ready solution – integration with industry-led applications like AVCRM is integral to developing an ecosystem of connected systems for the benefit of all airspace participants. We’re expecting further systems to connect with AirShare as the industry recognises the value of sharing data from multiple sources,” Ms Cooke says.

According to Jonathan King, CEO of AVCRM. “It’s our mission to streamline the compliance process with our industry leading paperless operations platform, and we look forward to the AirShare functionality assisting our New Zealand clients.”

AirShare has been designed to integrate with other systems – creating an environment where the UA sector can innovate using the services and data made available through the UTM system.

The AirShare team is continuing to develop public APIs to deliver new services such as traffic alerts, digital authorisations, dynamic airspace notifications and strategic deconfliction.

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