AirHub and Drone Q Robotics complete BVLOS test delivery between mainland and offshore facility

As part of a project to develop a long-distance cargo drone network, partners METIP, Drone Q Robotics, DHSS and AirHub report a successful beyond visual line of sight test flight from Den Helder to the Isle of Texel in the Netherlands. A water sample from Huisduinen was delivered to the research facility center NIOZ on Texel using a cargo drone from Pheonix-Wings GmbH.

The 15 km flight only took 15 minutes and was fully flown on 4G. Both flights back and forth were successful. The next goal is to do pilot flights from Den Helder to the Offshore production platform L10-A of Neptune Energy, located 65 km northwest of Den Helder.

To deliver medicine, documents, tools, and instruments to offshore projects, either a boat or helicopter is required. Together with METIP and DroneQ Robotics, DHSS, Pheonix-Wings and AirHub are working on a more efficient and climate-friendly solution.

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