UK defence ministry issues tender for immediate C-UAS capability

The Ministry of Defence, ISTAR, Joint Sensor and Engagement Networks Team (JSENS) has an urgent capability requirement (TED 2017/S 181-371516) to provide a Counter Unmanned Air System (C-UAS) capability (Technology Readiness Level 8 minimum) for the UK armed forces. The capability shall be able to detect, track, identify and defeat UAS’s with weight ranges of between 2-150 kg. With a specific area of focus on the 2-22 kg and a minimum defeat range of <500 m. The system shall be capable of handling data, and operating within an environment, classified at a minimum of NATO Secret Rel FVEY.

According to the tender announcement:

“The Contract shall include the provision of one year in service support to commence at the point of delivery and acceptance. The Contract shall also include options for a further four, one-year support periods. Delivery of an overall training package will be required by the contractor to cover the equipment and its operation.

All those expressing an interest must complete a Dynamic Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (DPQQ) to ensure that only those with adequate economic and financial standing as well as the professional and technical knowledge are invited to tender. Responders will be asked to demonstrate previous examples of expertise and delivery in operational environments.”

The budget ranges between GBP 10 million and 20 million and the deadline for receipt of tenders is 4 October.

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