WhiteFox launches STRATUS cloud-based drone detection service to protect critical infrastructure

US airspace security company WhiteFox has launched a cloud-based system to detect and track drones called STRATUS. WhiteFox has adapted its core technology that stops drones from operating unsafely or illegally, such as smuggling drugs into prisons and surveilling nuclear power plants, says a company press release.

STRATUS is designed to create a virtual bubble of protection to track drones and perform risk assessment in real-time. The system enables users to define geofences and notification criteria. Users can track, report, and log drone activity as it occurs with instant text or email notification. Users can also access historical drone traffic over their facilities and produce reports showing exactly what has happened.

WhiteFox sensors provide coverage in major metropolitan cities across North America. Customers need a computer or phone connected to the Internet to use STRATUS and instantly track drones intruding in their airspace.

As the future of drones is developing, WhiteFox provides this solution as an accessible way to make drone flight information available to increase the safety and security of our airspace.

For customers who have the legal authority to mitigate drones, STRATUS can be paired with other WhiteFox products to provide to enable the safe, surgical mitigation of dangerous drones by safely landing them. As more and more drones fill the skies, knowing where drones are operating and what they are doing will lead to more responsible and beneficial drone use.

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