US Department of Defense buys Black Sage radar for Navy C-UAS programme

The US Department of Defense has announced it will acquire a UAS radar from Black Sage for a total estimated value of USD35,605.00 for the AFLOAT CUAS project, which required a radar capable of detecting C-UAS targets up to 650m. According to the contract requirements:

“The radar needs to have a minimum of 110-degrees horizontal field of view (HFOV) and 80-degrees vertical field of view (VFOV). The unit must have a minimum of IP68 rating for continuous outdoor use. The radar shall be interoperable with the Black Sage Defense OS system. The procurement shall also include (2) gigabit cables utilizing a mil-spec 11-pin connector for interfacing with the Black Sage UASX system and (4) MESA-SSR hardware mounting brackets compatible with the Black Sage UASX system….Black Sage is the only company that can verify radar interoperability with their system, provide the custom gigabit cable and hardware mounting brackets for integration with their system.”

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