Rafael and Israeli MoD “successfully test fire Spyder All-in-One variant”

The Israeli Ministry of Defence announced on 10 January via the Telegram social media channel the “successful test” the previous week of a new configuration of the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Spyder short-range air defence system.

The ‘All-in-One’ configuration (apparently designated Spyder AiO) successfully intercepted drone targets in what the Ministry identified as scenarios replicating both “existing and future threats”. The unique aspect of the new configuration is the incorporation of all system components – surveillance and target acquisition sensors, radar, electronic countermeasures systems, command and control system and missile launcher – on a single 8×8 vehicle. Brining mobility and tactical agility to the operational environment, Spyder AiO, like other members of the Spyder family, makes use of proven Python-5, I-Derby and I-Derby ER missiles, offering operators selectable effect against targets in contested environments.

Specific details of the live fire test have not been disclosed, although a video has been posted on YouTube (see link below).

For more information: RAFAEL & IMoD Complete Live Fire Test of SPYDER ALL IN ONE – Striking UAV (youtube.com)

(Image: Rafael’s Spyder air defence system will now be available in the so-called ‘All-in-One’ configuration, offering enhanced tactical agility. Credit: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems)





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